Sassy Strand Saturday


“Avoid damaging your hair with the sun”

Have you ever touched your hair when you have been outside for a long time? Working out or socializing without covering your hair can wreak havoc on lovely strands.  There are some things you can do to help ensure your strands are not suffering under the hot summer sun.  Continue reading “Sassy Strand Saturday”

The Heat Is On With Our “Quickie Blow-Out”

quickie blowout special 2017

“Clients come in for a blow-out to get a polished look for interviews, presentations or a special event”

The Strand Hair Salon, is extending a Wild Wednesday special for a special package deal. Come in and get your hair professional styled for any occasion. The Quickie Blow Out package includes a hair wash and blow out style available in 5 sessions for $150 or 10 sessions $250. Contact us today.

Smooth Me, Please; Makes a Comeback For Wild Wednesday Deals!


Let The Strand Hair Salon get your strands ready for summer with the Brazilian Blow-Out treatment. This treatment will let you focus on having fun and not worry about the frizz after swimming or showering. Save time and look great. Book your treatment today. 310-569-3427.

“Many clients get a Brazilian for the summer to avoid the hassle of drying their hair. The treatment saves time and always delivers smooth strands,” Erin Fernandez, stylist and owner, The Strand Hair Salon.

Teen Tuesday- Styling Tool Tips

teen styling tool tips

It makes a difference to use quality styling tools. As you grow your collection of blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons and brushes you will want to take good care of them. If you buy a quality product, it can last you years with good care. Take the time to keep them clean and organized and when you need them to look your best, they will work perfectly on your strands. If you are taking them on a trip, be sure to buy a cover to protect it in your luggage.

A quality hair dryer will last years and save you time when drying your hair- Erin Fernandez, Stylist and Owner, The Strand Hair Salon.

Best of luck. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments or reach us at the salon 310-569-3427.

HaloCouture– A Best Friend

A Halocouture is a perfect accessory to your wardrobe. It offers the flexibility of having longer fuller hair, instantly. If you can put on a headband, you can have a new look too. Perfect for women who want longer hair for special events or have shorter thin hair. Call Erin 310-569-3427 to schedule your personal Halo match appointment.

halo couture image

Three Tips for Summer Hair Care– Do This Today

A common mid summer issue is hair strands suffering from “sun fun”. When you are in the ocean, pool and under the sun your hair takes a beating. A three tips to help keep your hair in shape. Just like protecting your skin, we must take good care of our hair.

1. Keep your hair up and out of the sun. Showing off you wonderful hair is tempting, but you are better off putting up your hair and under a cap or hat. This will help keep the damaging rays of the sun away from your hair, which can cause your strands to be brittle.

2. Pack extra conditioner. Don’t be afraid to lather your strands with conditioner. We offer a great conditioner for Brazilan Blow Outs or use your favorite product. The idea is to coat your hair. When the sun heats up, the shaft of your strands open and having a great conditioner on your hair will treat your strands. Put the conditioner in your hair and pull back in a bun, or a braid.

3. Rinse and rinse again. After being in the ocean or pool, be vigilant and rinse your hair. Rinsing your hair will remove all the chemicals and salts from your hair, which can cause dryness if left to dry under the sun.

Most of all be sure to show off your strands in the evening under the moonlight and be happy that you are taking care of your hair. Have a safe July!



The Strand Hair Salon Is Open

This has been a long time coming. Many of my clients know my dream to some day own my salon and here I am in Manhattan Beach, California, minutes from the pier with a perfectly located salon. I am very happy and excited. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. Each and every one of you have push me along with your hugs and smiles and great words of wisdom and others have rolled up your sleeves and helped me put it together. Here is what it looks like and I am still putting tougher. Stop in if you are nearby. I would love to see you. Old and new friends are always welcomed. Best, Erin.